Photograph of William Scales

William Scales



  • Software Development: Full stack developer, familiar with agile methods and TDD. Able to quickly learn new languages and methodologies. Intuitively able to understand abstractions.
  • Data analysis and diagnostics: Skilled at quickly grasping the meaning behind large data sets, understanding them using models, and translating them to relational databases.
  • System administration: 12 years experience with Linux. Detailed understanding of networking, security, and operations. Have managed several small networks.
  • Cross-functional teams: Experienced at working with diverse teams to build software and get things done. 5+ years experience with Git.

Languages & Frameworks

Working languages: Python, Javascript, Bash, SQL, HTML and CSS. Have executed projects with PHP, Ruby, C, Java, Perl. Able to quickly learn any language necessary.

Experienced with Django and KnockoutJS.


Palo Alto, CA


Feb. 2015–Present

Software Engineer

  • Building the financial platform of the future for private companies. Worked closely with designers and business people to rapidly iterate and achieve product-market fit.
  • Built the Carta valuations product from scratch and helped grow the valuations engineering team to 15 engineers.
  • Carta Valuations is now the largest provider of 409a valuations by volume.
  • Sales engineering for an $80,000 implementation project. Improved the core product and developed custom software to automate onboarding 500 companies to the Carta platform for a large international law firm.

Vancouver, BC

UBC Quantum Devices Group

May 2012–Feb. 2014

Research Assistant

  • Experimentally characterized strongly interacting 2D electrons in semiconductor devices with applications in quantum computing.
  • Took ownership of research and designed, built, tested, and carried out experiments which operated at 10 mK above absolute zero and measured current signals in the nanoampere range.
  • Wrote software using Python along with NumPy and matplotlib to analyze and present experimental data.
  • Promoted efficiency in the lab by designing and writing software to monitor and automate critical lab systems (including the helium recovery and liquefaction system) running 24/7.

Denver, CO

Fusionbox, Inc.

May 2010–Aug. 2010, May 2011–Aug. 2011


  • Designed and built web applications for clients using a custom PHP MVC/ORM framework and MySQL.
  • Responsible for all development phases of projects, including developing specifications, database design, application design, implementation, QA, deployment, and maintenance.
  • Personally developed two projects from start to delivery and contributed to nine other projects.
  • Successfully debugged and improved a large legacy application.


Amplifier building

  • In experimental physics, one often has to measure very tiny current signals. The problem is, tiny current signals are easily destroyed by the leakage currents from measurement instruments. The solution is an isolating amplifier that provides an electrical seperation between the experimental device and the measurement apparatus. Since a nice isolating current amplifier costs around $5000 and is pretty simple in concept, I decided to build my own.
  • I built my amplifier setup in two physically seperate stages: first a unity gain differential amplifier which accomplishes the electrical isolation and second a low noise pre-amplifier that gives a gain of 109.
  • I taught myself how to design, build, and debug the amplifiers. The isolating stage used LT1167 in-amps and the pre-amplifier used ultra-low noise OPA111 op-amps.


Vancouver, BC

UBC Undergraduate Physics Society


President, various executive roles

  • Elected president for 2013–2014 academic year.
  • As president, oversaw operations of a 200+ member society with a $14,000 yearly operating budget.
  • Guided the executive team to organize events and promote academic growth for undergraduate students.


Santa Clara, CA

Santa Clara University


M.S. Applied Math (in progress)

Vancouver, BC

University of British Columbia


B.Sc. Physics, Mathematics Minor